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The air conditioning system is a complex machine designed to condition your home's air. In addition to cooling the home the air-conditioning system also dehumidifies the air which makes the comfort temperature of the home much more comfortable. There are many system components that are involved in air-conditioning a home or commercial building in San Antonio. In this article we will go over some of the components that help cool down your home in San Antonio.
The main component of an air-conditioning system San Antonio is the compressor. Think of the compressor as the heart of the air-conditioning system which pumps refrigerant through the arteries or line sets resulting in the absorption of heat. The compressor has to be built to withstand very high head pressures and be able to cycle on and off many times a day. When the compressor goes bad the compressor must be completely replaced unless the compressor is a semi-hermetic compressor for commercial applications only, but in most cases especially for residential compressors it has to be replaced which can be costly depending on the type of compressor that your system may use. The most common compressor failure is called a short to ground. This failure is when the internal windings short or touch the shell casing of the compressor resulting in failure and no cooling.
Another component of the air-conditioning system is called the evaporator coil. This coil is also called the indoor coil or cooling coil due to the location and what it does when conditioning your home's air. The evaporator coil operates by the use of a metering device spritzing low amounts of refrigerant into the  evaporator coil or low side of the system. Since the evaporator coil is at a low pressure the refrigerant boils quickly and absorbs heat. This heat absorption is what conditions the air as it passes over the evaporator coil resulting in a temperature difference between the return air and the supply air and cooling the home to the homeowners desired setpoint San Antonio. The most common issue with the evaporator coil is rusting. Since the air-conditioning system helps dehumidify the indoor air lots of condensation builds up on the evaporator coil resulting in rust which causes weak points on the evaporator coil itself. These weak points result in pinholes that leak refrigerant and cause the system's refrigerant charge to drop below operating standards. A common sign that your refrigerant is low is a no cooling and the evaporator coil may be frozen.
The condenser is another major component of the air-conditioning system. The condenser is responsible for convincing the vapor refrigerant back to a liquid form by cooling it. When the refrigerant is returned back to a high pressure the refrigerant begins to change back to liquid form of the condenser helps us process by blowing off excess heat. Just like the evaporator coil the condenser coil may begin to show pinhole leaks resulting in loss of refrigerant charge. In addition a common issue may be the condenser is dirty resulting in no cooling and the compressor shutting off on internal overload due to higher than normal operating pressures.
There are simpler issues that may be at work as well thermostats, capacitors, contactors and even blown fuses can all be issues that cause the air-conditioning system to need air-conditioning repair San Antonio.Remember commercial air conditioning repairs, residential ac repair, and furnace repairs all must be done by a certified and trained individual that understands these complex machines. It is not recommended that an untrained person or persons attempt to repair any HVAC system San Antonio.


San Antonio Air Conditioning and Heating repair service call rates only 49.00. Schedule your ac system point check or repair today. Call 210-390-5075. All hvac services including furnace repair or maintenance and air conditioning repair for San Antonio fall under this 49.00 flate rate for a service call. Why is my ac system not cooling properly in this San Antonio weather?











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